Duncan Blackmore Director

Duncan came to development after an earlier career in the art world, a break to pursue further education and the completion of a large project to restore and extend his own house in Whitstable. He is motivated by a desire to demonstrate that thoughtful development, even on a relatively small scale, can enhance our lives and our environment.

Lucia Bergamasco

Lucia’s diverse professional background includes a range of roles from Executive Assistant to Project and Event Management in Sydney, Australia. She moved to the UK in 2016 and has made Whitstable her new home.

Darren Geeves

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Graham Townsend Director

Graham’s varied entrepreneurial career has taken in a number of industries – from advertising to antiques. His support, experience and commitment to ethical business is critical in our decision-making process.

Peech & Pear Development Partner

Peech and Pear’s support and partnership in recent projects has been vital in allowing us to expand our activities without losing sight of our core principals.