Red House

Status: Completed

Acquired along with the adjoining terraced house, this rare and complex site, between Peckham Rye and Lordship Lane, was previously a small workshop.

31/44 Architects devised a scheme which terminates the terrace in a delicately balanced gesture of quiet deference and confident decoration. The proposal begins with an act of continuity, referencing detail, form and pattern, and ends with a highly individual home that is the product of the complex site conditions.

The introduction of courtyards, soaring top lit entrance and careful manipulation of the geometry provide privacy and interesting views inside and out. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms and three living areas provide generous and flexible family accommodation.

The expression of the split section in the arrangement of the elevation achieves a clever trick – a three storey building appears considerably more modest in scale that the adjoining two storey terrace. On first reading the building is part of the background of the street; in detail you begin to see that it is unapologetically new.

Photos courtesy of: Rory Gardiner / French and Tye / 31/44 Architects