Four Bays

Status: On Site

Our second Whitstable Approaches project, the development of this underused site will bring coherence and a long-awaited fulfilment of the early 20th Century urban planning for the road.

Originally set out and sold as 3 estate plots (and with 3 addresses), the site has been home to a single detached house in an unusually large town centre garden.

Working with 31/44 Architects, we will replace the existing building with a pair of houses and six apartments, consistent in scale with the street, and referencing the subtle variety of the paired and grouped houses of Cromwell Road.

The primary intention here is to achieve a quiet form, which adds coherence and a recognisable local distinctiveness to a disorganised street scene, without imposing uniformity. We aim to respond to the variety, scale and rhythms of the road such that a chronically underused site achieves a more appropriate density without appearing cramped or assertive in scale.

However, quietness in form needn’t mean anonymity, and certainly not imitation. Instead, the buildings will present a semi-detached (or paired) gabled and bay-fronted form with precision and a subtle shift in materials.

The predominant red brick walls and slate roof will echo the adjacent Edwardian terrace, but bay windows made of pigmented concrete and slender metal will reference the multistorey masonry/timber bay windows of nearby Cromwell Road.